2018 Christmas Offering

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Partner Videos

Christian Challenge - Chico, CA
Ridgeview Church - Fontana, CA
Union Gospel Mission
Fort Worth Pregnancy Center
Campus Ventures - University of Wyoming
Chico Community Church
Connexxion - Amsterdam
Tarrant Area Food Bank

The Special Christmas Offering is a call to sacrificial giving with a goal of $155,000 for three ministry initiatives:

  • To support global and U.S missions and to start new churches.
  • To support local organizations that assist the needy and hurting in our city.
  • To support campus ministries that reach out to and disciple college and university students.
  • To support the growth and expansion of Hope Church.

This special Christmas Offering will be received through January 31, 2019.



To support Global / U.S. missions and start new churches

We are a “church that starts churches” and a church that supports missions. This focus will continue as we have a great opportunity to assist missionaries around the globe who are reaching out to all kinds of identified people groups, especially those in highly unchurched countries. Through cooperative efforts with other mission-minded churches in Texas and North America, we are designating a portion of the Special Offering to support 3,000+ North American Missionaries and 5,000+ International Missionaries. In addition, we will be supporting church planting efforts in India, Canada and Southern California.

To support local organizations that assist the needy and hurting in our city

We have a unique opportunity to help those in the greatest need in our city! We want to partner with local organizations that are really making a difference in peoples’ lives and at the same time sharing the love of Jesus in a very practical way. That’s why this year we partner with three local organizations:

  • The Union Gospel Mission – an organization that has served the homeless community of Fort Worth, TX for over 120 years. Through holistic efforts that seek to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals, the Mission has purposed to provide new beginnings to help people achieve productive independence.
  • The Fort Worth Pregnancy Center’s mission is to encourage, through education and outreach, the recognition of human life from the moment of conception and to minister in the name of Jesus Christ to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies.
  • Tarrant Area Food Bank – To provide nourishment on weekends for children at high risk of hunger, Tarrant Area Food Bank collaborates with elementary and middle schools to offer its BackPacks for Kids program. Schools identify the economically disadvantaged students, and Tarrant Area Food Bank provides the backpacks and the food that children can easily access without the help of adults. At the end of the school week, children take home food for themselves and their school-aged siblings.

To support campus ministries that reach out to and disciple college and university students

This year Hope will be helping to fund the efforts of six campus ministries across the nation in their efforts to reach students who don’t yet know Christ and develop workers for the kingdom. For many, college is a time of openness to new ways of thinking and new ways of life, making it a pivotal time to share the gospel. The six campus ministries we are working with have proven over the years to be effective in their outreach efforts as well as training students to be effective Christians in life after college.

To support the growth and expansion of Hope Church

As the ministry of Hope Church grows, the demands on the building increase. So, this year we plan to enter into a multi-phase campaign designed on structural and technological repairs and improvements to Hope”s building. These upgrades will allow for more people to experience what the ministry of Hope Church has to offer, and help them take their next steps with Jesus Christ.